Hello, All,
The Electronic Theses and Dissertation software is to help library staff process ProQuest/UMI delivered ETD files.
It has been updated with new GUI interface and updated code so that Windows users can use. It can also run under Linux.  It is Java executable files called "etd.jar". Your computer just needs Java (probably already have it). The file can be downloaded from
To run the software, just double-click. I have also provided a real ProQuest zip file for your testing purpose. If you have questions, let me know
More details:

As ProQuest - UMI switched its delivery platform for Electronic Theses and Dissertations(ETD), I have developed a small software package to process ETD. The software package does:

  1.  Unzip ProQuest - UMI ETD delivery Zipped files, and create one directory per ETD.
  2.  Rename these ETDs into other preferred file names (in my case, Wang_arizona_0009D_10075.xml --> azu_etd_10075_sip1_m.xml)
  3.  Generate digital signature for digital preservation.
  4.  Create MARC records from XML files. (i.e. a MRK file will be generated for direct loading to catalog. I load MRC file to innovative and Koha)
  5.  Create embargo notification and moving embargo ETDs to a different directory for future loading.


This software works for ProQuest?<> ETD DTD 4.3 (After July 1, 2008, new delivery platform)

The ETD software is a Java runnable package. It has been tested under Windows 7 and Linux/Ubuntu.

Running environment

Windows/Linux/Mac Java 1.6

Yan Han, Associate Librarian
The University of Arizona Libraries
Phone: (520)307-2823
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