On 2011-10-03, at 11:29 AM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> Very interesting, and thank you for bringing it to my attention. It seems it relies on a technology that reads and chunks up image files. Alas, I have PDFs. Moreover, I really want people to be able to print the entire documents. I suppose I could convert my PDF files into images and go that route. Hmm…

I'm one of the developers of Diva. I noticed that you've been getting your files from the Internet Archive. They also have the full high-quality JPEG and JPEG2000 images available.

You could use those for Diva instead of the already-compressed PDF.

Printing could still be handled by downloading the PDF, but if you just want to be able to view it online then I'd be happy to help you get Diva set up.

Note that we also have an article in the latest C4L journal describing how it works:


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