Congratulations and thank you to Dan Chudnov and Bethany Nowviskie for
agreeing to be the keynote speakers at #code4lib 2012.

Daniel Chudnov is a librarian and programmer in the Office of Strategic
Initiatives at the Library of Congress. Previously, he worked as a software
developer at the Yale Center for Medical Informatics, and contributed to
several free software projects for libraries while working at the MIT
Libraries and the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at the Yale University
School of Medicine. He is a frequent speaker and author on technology and
the importance of free software in libraries, and he writes a monthly column
for Computers in Libraries magazine. He started the oss4lib weblog and
listserv in 1999 to promote the use of free software in our community.

"Bethany helps shape UVA’s support for digital scholarship by running a
Library department that includes the Scholars’ Lab and a crack R&D team
devoted to scholarly interfaces. The SLab combines the services and
resources of UVA Library’s former GeoStat and Etext Centers with end-user
assistance from ITC’s Research Computing Support group. She is Associate
Director of the Scholarly Information Institute (SCI), a Mellon funded think
tank. Additionally, she is current Vice President of the Association for
Computers and the Humanities (ACH), a member of the MLA's Committee on
Information Technology, and is Senior Advisor to NINES, for which she
designed the Collex tool. Her doctorate is in English, and she has worked in
the digital humanities as a designer, manager, and editor since 1995.
Bethany's own research lies in the intersection of traditional interpretive
methods with innovative social and algorithmic tools."

Looking forward to seeing you all in Seattle.