Hello Infrastructure Working Group Members, 

I'm looking forward to our call this Wednesday, October 19th, at 1:00 PM eastern. 

Call-in number:  866-469-3239
Participant access code:  21408589

To keep up with our timeline these are the things we wanted to accomplish over the next two months. I have included suggestions for how we can approach them on this week's call.

1) Incorporate the survey information into the report: 
It would be ideal if group members could briefly review the attached documents and the link to the brief presentation Corey and I gave at the LC Storage meeting so that we can talk through this.  

2) Put together a plan to finish the report: 
Here we will be looking for volunteers to incorporate information from the survey and revise and edit the document. The draft is  accessible at  

3) Decide on how we want to disseminate the report: 
We can make it a PDF and share it through but it might get wider dissemination if we publish it in some journal, ideally an open access journal. Bring ideas for where we might publish this with you to the call.

4) Next Project: 
Time permitting, we can briefly discuss some of the other projects we are interested in for next steps. The next most popular project after our large scale storage project was to  "Investigate, share, and recognize emerging practices for use and development and sharing of open source tools and other software that enable digital preservation." We can start thinking about how we might do this and if this is still our next priority area for a project. 

*Survey Response Rate Update:
On the last call I agreed to do some leg work to increase the response rate to the survey and gather information about non-responders. To date we have had 57 responses from a total of 74 members who identify as having content they are preserving. Of these members this represents a 77% response rate. We currently have 17 non-responders from a whom we do not know if they have content that they consider they are preserving. The 17 non-respondents are distributed across the different kinds of organizations in the NDSA, including state archives, service providers, federal agencies, universities and media producers. The original survey was sent out to the 98 members of the NDSA. We have confirmed that 24 members do not have content they are actively involved in preserving. These organizations include consortia groups, professional organizations, university departments, funders, and vendors. At this point there are still two organizations that have expressed to fill out the survey in short order. So these numbers may still change slightly, but aside from that this likely represents the final set of responses. 

Trevor Owens, Digital Archivist
NDIIPP, National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program
Office of Strategic Initiatives, Library of Congress


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