Hi Becky,

Is this pre-conference going to be cataloging/metadata training for coders?



Christine Schwartz
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> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Cataloging4Coders @ C4L12 - We need your brains
> Hey folks,
> There's been increasing discussion and interest about cataloging around
> this community (and others like it) for quite a while. I found some
> co-conspirators and we are planning to propose a pre-conference on
> cataloging/library metadata creation geared towards the huddled code4lib
> masses (otherwise known as coders) who are yearning for knowledge of this
> Darkest of Library Arts.
> We need you help before we post our proposal. We realize that there's a
> wide range of cataloging knowledge and experience in the community, and we
> want to make sure that those interested get the most out of the
> pre-conference. If this pre-conference has perked your interest, can you
> help us in letting us know:
> - What experience do you have with cataloging/library metadata creation?
> - What do you want us to cover? Do you have any questions that you want
> covered?
> This information will help us greatly in how we structure the
> pre-conference both in content and schedule. For now, we're planning a
> half-day pre-conference, but if there's enough interest between beginners
> and more experienced folks, we will consider offering two half-day
> preconferences in order to focus on specific participant needs.
> Feel free to ask questions as well - I'll try to answer them as best as
> possible given what our group has brainstormed so far.
> Thanks for reading,
> Becky
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