As a co-conspirator let me jump in here. In answer to Christine's
question - yes.  This is cataloging for non-catalogers - specifically
geared to coders. Hence the subject line "Cataloging4Coders" (grin).
I think people are somehow misunderstanding Becky's request for input.

The idea is to further understanding of cataloger culture and
cataloging concepts rather than teach "how to do descriptive
cataloging in x standard."  That would take way more than a half-day
or one-day workshop.  Plus there are already tons of great courses out
there by SAA, ALCTS, SCTP, etc.   I point the people interested in EAD
in that direction for training.

This CODE4LIB preconference would help coders deal with the metadata
they've got.  It's an explanation of why library metadata is the way
it is rather than a how-to roll your own.  The existing knowledge and
skills of those wanting to attend will determine how detailed we get.
 We're are trying to get a sense of the background knowledge of
potential attendees and the specific problems they encounter.

Most definitely we also need a coding-for-catalogers session, but this
isn't it.

Laura Smart
Metadata Services Manager
Caltech Library

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 6:46 AM, Christine Schwartz
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> Hi Becky,
> Is this pre-conference going to be cataloging/metadata training for coders?
> Thanks,
> Chris
> Christine Schwartz
> Metadata Librarian
> Princeton Theological Seminary Library
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>> Subject: [CODE4LIB] Cataloging4Coders @ C4L12 - We need your brains
>> Hey folks,
>> There's been increasing discussion and interest about cataloging around
>> this community (and others like it) for quite a while. I found some
>> co-conspirators and we are planning to propose a pre-conference on
>> cataloging/library metadata creation geared towards the huddled code4lib
>> masses (otherwise known as coders) who are yearning for knowledge of this
>> Darkest of Library Arts.
>> We need you help before we post our proposal. We realize that there's a
>> wide range of cataloging knowledge and experience in the community, and we
>> want to make sure that those interested get the most out of the
>> pre-conference. If this pre-conference has perked your interest, can you
>> help us in letting us know:
>> - What experience do you have with cataloging/library metadata creation?
>> - What do you want us to cover? Do you have any questions that you want
>> covered?
>> This information will help us greatly in how we structure the
>> pre-conference both in content and schedule. For now, we're planning a
>> half-day pre-conference, but if there's enough interest between beginners
>> and more experienced folks, we will consider offering two half-day
>> preconferences in order to focus on specific participant needs.
>> Feel free to ask questions as well - I'll try to answer them as best as
>> possible given what our group has brainstormed so far.
>> Thanks for reading,
>> Becky
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