> So, I'd be interested in hearing: what are some of the canonical events in
> recent cataloging history that help explain the most common patterns we're
> likely to run across in the wild? "Events" might refer to a number of
> things. Maybe official changes in standards; maybe widespread changes in
> practice; maybe a vendor screwing up a big-time data load and affecting
> millions of records in some nonstandard way, where catalogers had no choice
> but just to deal with it. "Patterns" might also refer to a number of
> things. In addition to actual patterns we might find in the data, maybe
> sets of standards that tend to go hand-in-hand, like MARC21/AACR2, and
> maybe common deviations from these standards.


Also, what types of questions you need to ask and what background you want
to look for in people you intend to consult with for specific projects. If
you're not careful, it's really easy to build something based on local but
totally kosher practices that might not meet the needs at hand.


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