Hi all,

I'm getting started on the T-shirt wrangling a bit early this year, so
without further ado...

Thank you Michael Durbin for the following text which I shamelessly
cut and paste from last year's announcement.

It's time to submit designs for the Code4Lib 2012 conference T-shirt!
Your design should somehow capture the awesomeness of the code4lib
community and be something you'd be proud to wear.

The design submissions are for the front of the shirt and may be as
large as 11" by 15".

Keep in mind that these will be printed in one color on a shirt of
another color, so please make your design accordingly.

The vendor indicated that they preferred Adobe Illustrator or EPS
formatted files, though we can convert other formats.  Please send
submissions to me (e-mail address below) by Monday November 21st, at
which point they'll be posted for your review and voting [probably
after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S.]

Ann Lally
Head, Digital Initiatives
University of Washington Libraries