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> So your best bet may be to shrug and let them have the old name for
> their proprietary fork.  Just come up with a new name for the open
> codebase, let the world know, and move on with doing more useful
> things -- spending what money you have on coders and cataloguers
> rather than lawyers.

Two things which may not be widely known here:

1. HLT was the original commissioner and I believe they have been
using Koha continuously in delivering their library service since
then.  If they of all people are not allowed to share control of the
name, then basically no FOSS project name is safe for its users.

2. "Koha" means akin to gift.  The irony of trying to trademark that
word in particular is mindboggling and should shame PTFS in the eyes
of everyone who likes sharing information - basically all of us who
are involved with libraries at some level, isn't it?

So, please give generously to HLT's ratbag-repelling fund.  There
are wider issues at stake for users and coders for libraries.

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