The UW-Madison Libraries are hiring a manager to oversee our  
development shop:

We build fun web-apps here like:

* UW-Forward
- A Blacklight-powered, UW-System wide library catalog

* UW Digital Collections
- Over a million digitized items of all kinds

Please see the full position listing below.  Thanks for you  

- Eric

Eric Larson
Digital Library Consultant
UW Digital Collections Center
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Position Vacancy Listing
PVL# 72052
Working title:

Shared Development Group Manager

Official title:


Degree and area of specialization:

Bachelor's degree, (an MLS degree is not required but is highly  

Minimum number of years and type of relevant work experience:

Required Qualifications:

*	Bachelor's degree;
*	two years of application programming experience;
*	minimum of five years of progressively responsible team leadership  
or management experience in an information environment;
*	five years of experience using information systems project  
management practices and techniques;
*	five years of experience using modern team-oriented programming  
*	three years of work with digital library, research, or repository  
systems and services;
*	effective written and oral communication skills.

Desired Qualifications: In addition to the required skills, the  
strongest candidates will possess demonstrated in-depth proficiency  
and expertise in the following:

*	experience managing, developing, and evaluating professional staff;
*	experience developing and analyzing cost and time estimates for  
projects including financial and human resource allocations;
*	three years of supervisory experience;
*	analytic problem solving and decision-making skills;
*	expertise with library/information technologies including relational  
databases, full-text search engines, repository managers, online  
catalogs, and related tools;
*	systems analysis and design practices;
*	data modeling and/or database analysis and design practices;
*	system testing and quality assurance techniques and standards;
*	implementation and support of distributed client/server applications  
in the Internet networking environment;
*	Unix operating systems, commands, utilities, and software  
development environments;
*	experience programming in at least two languages, such as Java, C/C+ 
+, Perl, Python, Ruby, or similar;
*	web application development experience;
*	experience maintaining production applications;
*	graphical user interface design and programming techniques;
*	familiarity with interface usability techniques and assessment;
*	an advanced academic degree in related area;
*	professional experience in an academic setting.

Principal duties:

50%	 Team and Project Management and Supervision

*	Serve as a member of the Library Technology Managers Group
*	Provide direction to academic librarians and information systems  
staff assigned to the Shared Development team, including project  
leaders who are part of the team
*	Provide leadership for planning sprints, reporting on, and  
coordinating of team's activities
*	Consult with Library and DoIT management and staff on priorities and  
problems for areas of responsibility
*	Insure that team members understand the core mission of the  
Libraries and follow appropriate national, campus, library, and group  
standards in support of this mission
*	 Develop task plans, time/cost estimates, schedules, and budgets to  
achieve unit goals and objectives
*	Monitor, analyze, and report on project costs and progress to varied  
*	Monitor team progress, assess problem areas, recommend and implement  
*	Lead team status meetings and communicate outcomes as appropriate  
with appropriate administrative and managerial stakeholders in the  
Libraries and DoIT
*	Present oral and written status reports as requested by Associate  
Director for Information Technology (AD)
*	Plan assignments of tasks to team members and project leaders and  
review with AD and members of the management team.
*	Guide team members in detail analysis, design, programming, testing,  
and documenting of applications and infrastructure projects.
*	Train and coach new staff in the team and help them develop adequate  
knowledge and skills necessary to support the Library's ability to  
acquire, disseminate, and preserve information resources in all forms.
*	Develop relationships with campus and inter-institutional peers in  
an effort to facilitate collaborative work and/or obtain additional  
staff resources in support of the unit
*	Conduct employee performance reviews of library team members, and  
provide annual performance inputs for DoIT-LIRA staff

30%	 Library Applications Architecture - Strategy, Analysis and Design  

*	Build and maintain expertise in existing library and research/ 
repository systems, application development platforms and techniques.
*	Build and maintain expertise pertaining to the Libraries core  
mission in an effort to facilitate clear communication between  
academic librarians and other information professionals.
*	Present descriptions of architecture, designs, plans, and  
capabilities of library systems, and participate in development and  
presentation of demos of these systems.
*	Serve as primary contact and focal point for application development  
communications with outside software suppliers and developers.
*	Analyze and document needs as part of project proposal papers,  
charters and other documents, including cost and schedule estimates  
and system alternatives.
*	Oversee design of key applications and associated data models, and  
lead other information systems staff in all application and database  
design projects. Review all design products of the team.
*	Develop technical designs and prepare project specification papers  
and other documents in support of the AD and the Library Management  
*	Ensure appropriate integration and compatibility among separate DoIT- 
LIRA systems, LTG systems, and other campus technical environments.  
Ensure compliance with campus architectural standards.
*	Work with DoIT-LIRA and Library managers to review project  
proposals, charters, and plans
*	Allocate staff and other resources as appropriate to achieve the  
goals of the team
*	Provide leadership for the overall architecture, design and  
evolution of the library and research/repository suite of services (in  
close coordination with Library and academic/scientific research  
community staff).
*	Provide leadership for the overall design of custom library  
applications and infrastructure, including search engines, repository  
management software, and web development technologies.
*	Research and evaluate new software products and development  
techniques from vendors and other institutions for use in Library/DoIT- 
LIRA projects.

15%	 Library Applications Architecture - Implementation Coordination

*	Establish and carry out change control procedures for improvements  
and fixes to existing library systems
*	Plan and lead evaluation studies of the operational system and  
propose improvements
*	Work with AD and information professionals in developing  
documentation and training activities.
*	Serve as consultant to library, campus and DoIT management and staff  
on issues, options, and potential applications of library and research  
repository-related technologies
*	Serve as primary team contact for application problems with  
production DoIT-LIRA staff. Insure Libraries and DoIT Help Desk are  
informed about problem status, and resolve reported problems on a  
timely basis.
*	Plan and execute integration testing of subsystems, of new database  
implementations, and of the whole system.
*	Conduct code reviews as appropriate. Monitor techniques, standards,  
and problems of programming and implementation.
*	Establish techniques and models for other information systems staff,  
and propagate good programming and database implementation ideas and  
software reuse strategies among the application team.
*	Test and exercise key programs and database implementations written  
by other information systems professionals to ensure high quality and  
*	Plan and carry out system conversion and implementation tasks in  
close coordination with the LIRA System Integration & Support team and  
other appropriate Library and DoIT technical groups.

5%	 Professional Development

*	Attend campus and external training sessions and industry  
conferences in topics closely related to assigned projects and  
responsibilities. Read professional literature on the same.
*	Maintain current awareness of trends, methods, and technological  
advances in the industry and profession, especially as they relate to  
assigned projects and responsibilities.
*	Disseminate information from these activities to others in the  

Additional Information:

The UW-Madison General Library System is seeking an experienced,  
dedicated, and energetic individual to serve as the manager of its  
Shared Development Group, a collaborative team of seven professional  
library and web application developers drawn from the Library and the  
campus Division of Information Technology. The individual in this  
position reports to the General Library System's Associate Director  
for Information Technology and directly supervises four Library staff  
within SDG. In addition, the SDG manager has primary responsibility  
for planning, organizing, managing, and monitoring all projects and  
work carried out by the entire SDG, including DoIT members.

This position requires significant technical abilities that align with  
the Library's role in the University. It also requires the ability to  
lead, manage, and evaluate a team of developers who are committed to  
working in collaborative ways to meet our institutional priorities. We  
are, first and foremost, a university research library, and the  
successful candidate will have a clear understanding of the Library's  
role in the University, and the types of technologies, skills, and  
systems required to advance the Library's priorities.

The SDG manager serves as a primary point of contact and coordination  
between the Libraries, DoIT, and other service providers working to  
support and enhance the Libraries' information technology systems. The  
individual in this position will participate in technology planning  
activities with both the Library and DoIT's Library, Integrative and  
Research Applications Group. As a senior manager, the incumbent will  
work in collaboration with librarians, IT professionals, and faculty,  
ensuring that the team's insights, perspectives, and talents are  
reflected in the Libraries vision for developing and advancing its  
technology-based information services.

In addition to managing the personnel and day-to-day work of the SDG,  
the manager is expected to provide leadership and expertise in  
developing the library system architecture, development roadmaps, data  
modeling, application design/testing/implementation, application  
infrastructure planning, and deployment/support of the applications  
used to facilitate access to and preservation of scholarly resources.

The Library's services are supported by a mix of Unix-based servers  
running Sun's Solaris operating system and the RedHat distribution of  
the Linux operating system. This platform supports various open source  
and locally-developed applications as well as vendor-purchased  
software packages. Nearly all of these services must be available to  
our entire campus community of approximately 60,000 faculty, staff,  
and students. With respect to application coding, the SDG uses a  
variety of programming languages including Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby,  
Java, C, and others. New and active projects are primarily being  
developed in a mixture of Ruby (with heavy use of the Rails framework)  
and Java. The SDG works extensively with Oracle, PostGres, and MySQL  

A criminal background check will be conducted prior to hiring.
A period of evaluation will be required
Appointment type:
Academic Staff
Full time salary rate:
Minimum $75,000 ANNUAL (12 months)
Depending on Qualifications
This is a renewable appointment.
Appointment percent:
Anticipated begin date:
JANUARY 17, 2012
Number of positions:

Application must be received by: NOVEMBER 30, 2011


To apply, send cover letter, resume and contact information for three  

The first review of applications will begin on 11/30/11 and  
applications will be considered until the position is filled.

Unless another application procedure has been specified above, please  
send resume and cover letter referring to Position Vacancy Listing  
#72052 to

Patricia Erickson
Phone: 608-262-2768
728 State St
Fax: 608-265-2754
367 Memorial Library
Email: [log in to unmask]
Madison, WI 53706-1418

Relay Access (WTRS): 7-1-1 (out-of-state: TTY: 800.947.3529, STS:  
800.833.7637) and above Phone number (See RELAY_SERVICE for further  
information. )

NOTE: Unless confidentiality is requested in writing, information  
regarding the names of applicants must be released upon request.  
Finalists cannot be gu aranteed confidentiality.

UW-Madison is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. We  
promote excellence through diversity and encourage all qualified  
individuals to apply.