Hello all,

Mystified. A drupal module on our site makes a call to an OCLC server to 
get status of chat service. This has been working fine until this morning.

I can open a browser and successfully browse the URL of the status 
service. But when I use file_get_contents() or php-curl (or command-line 
curl for that matter), on the same box, I get a domain lookup error, see 
below. What the heck is going on? TIA!

yitzchas@ubu-dev:/www/websites/drupal/sites/all$ dig +short

yitzchas@ubu-dev:/www/websites/drupal/sites/all$ curl 
-m 3 -v
* name lookup timed out
* Couldn't resolve host ''
* Closing connection #0
curl: (6) name lookup timed out

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