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> Subject: ORCID Releases Mock API Web Application

Dear ORCID TWG Members and Supporters,

We are extremely happy to announce that the ORCID development team has  
made the first ORCID code release.

The ORCID-Mock-API-Web-Application is ready for people to download and  
run.   The Github repository for it is open to anybody as of now.

This deployable WAR file provides a full implementation of the "ORCID  
Phase 1 Query API" ( which third parties can use  
in order to start writing clients that require read-only access to the  
ORCID system. The system includes the ability to query for a  
researcher's "protected" profile elements though authentication via  
OAuth2. The big restriction is that, at the moment, this system is not  
tied to the real back-end database and will only deliver the included  
hard-coded, fake, ORCID profile.

The development team has confirmed that it is easy to deploy this WAR  
in a standard servlet container (e.g.  Apache Tomcat 7) and that it  
works with existing third party OAuth client libraries.  ORCID will  
soon be (separately) releasing some of the code that he developed in  
Ruby to serve as further examples.

The WAR is available on Github at:

Please report any issues you encounter with the system here:

General development questions, etc. can be directed to:
[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>

The next release of the Mock API WAR will include the ability to  
deposit/update profiles to the system.

We'd like to thank everyone from the ORCID technical community for  
their thoughtful contributions to the API specification development,  
and more generally, for working collaboratively over the past two  
years to bring an important idea to fruition.  I'll quote Geoff Bilder  
when noting that our work has contributed to something that, "promises  
to become foundational scholarly cyberinfrastructure".  In addition,  
we should thank Mummi Thorisson and the Semantico team for beginning  
to deliver on our shared vision.  Most importantly, we owe a debt of  
gratitude to Geoff Bilder who possesses the vision... and stamina...  
to drive such a broad group of interests to such a promising execution  

Please feel free to forward this email to other interested parties.   
There have been some changes to our membership that I've tried to  
adjust in our email list, but if I've left anyone out, or there are  
others who would like to be included on future mailings, please have  
them contact me.

Kind regards,
[cid:[log in to unmask]]
Chair, ORCID Technical Working Group

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