Dear all,

Project Next-L (, the librarian community in Japan proudly announces the release of our open-source integrated library system, Next-L Enju Leaf 1.0.0.

Next-L Enju Leaf is a full-featured ILS built on Ruby on Rails 3.1, Apache Solr and their RESTful architecture. A live demo site is at the following site.

Next-L Enju has been adopted by some libraries in Japan, for example, National Diet Library ( and National Institute for Materials Science (

The latest example is Minamisanriku Library, a public library in Miyagi prefecture. It was completely swept away by the tsunami after the huge earthquake on March 11,

and reopened in a temporary location on October 6.

The library had not introduced an ILS before, so the librarians who engaged in volunteer work to restore the library chose Next-L Enju to organize about 3,000 donated books.

If you are interested in our project, Feel free to contact us.

Kosuke Tanabe