Hi Folks,

King of the last minute here.

We're making progress on a number of fronts with things "geo"  but we want
to engage in a wider conversation.  To share what we're doing and to find
out what other folks are doing.

For us, these geo things are lighter weight than "true" GIS.

Here are some (moderately artificial) categories of geo that we're
exploring/tackling at UNC:

Geobrowse:  This is our approach to presenting geo-tagged objects,
presented as points in an interactive map presentation (1)

Geosearch:  This is our approach to supporting search of geo-referenced
objects (historic maps, data sets) via a map interface. (2)

Image access: How to provide access (presentation on a map, in Google
Earth, to GIS applications) to geo-referenced images (ortho
photos/digitized historic maps) (3)

Workflows: geotagging objects (points), georeferencing images (4)

Other tools: E.g. Omeka+Neatline; Viewshare (5)

My questions to you...
	Would you like to see a geo pre-conference?
	What's missing?
	If the answer is yes, (w|c)ould you (please) help?

Here's doodle poll, it would be helpful to know where to focus the time if
we do this.  Please include what's missing in the comments.  And please
contact me if you have expertise you can offer.


1. geobrowsse
@UNC: ATOM, Django, Solr, OpenLayers

2. Geosearch
Described well here:
@UNC: ATOM, Django, PostGIS, OpenLayers

3. Access 
One interface:
We're really trying to figure this out now.  Workflow pretty good, access
not resolved.

4. Workflows
@UNC: Geonames, Tile Map Service, GDAL, ArcGIS

5. Tools