On Nov 16, 2011, at 5:02 PM, Cary Gordon wrote:

> I just registered for an overflow block room at
> I noticed when I got to the Guest Details page that there was a
> checkbox in the Contact Information block -- "Yes, I'd like to be
> notifiedů" -- which was checked (not surprising) and not changeable
> (that was surprising). Peeking at the code, I noticed that the form
> tag had the words, "checked" and "disabled".
> Now, since nobody could be so slimy as to do this intentionally
> (right?). I helped them out by using my in-browser editor to correct
> this oversight, because I wouldn't want them to waste electrons
> sending me email that I don't want.

Unless they're doing something to un-disable the form when you submit,
there shouldn't be an issue in most browsers, as the 'disable' also implies
'don't bother sending when submitting'.

It's implied in the HTML4 spec, but I don't know if it's required behavior:

Now, if they had set it 'readonly', then yes, you should worry.  Or that
whoever made the form doesn't know what they're doing, and as I've
often found out, those people seem to get paid way more money than
I do even though they're clueless.