On Nov 23, 2011, at 12:17 PM, Robert Sanderson wrote:

> LibLime
> A Division of PTFS, Inc.
> Main Office
> 11501 Huff Court
> North Bethesda, Maryland 20895
> tel: (301) 654-8088 Ext. 127
> fax: (301) 654-5789
> email: [log in to unmask]
> Twitter: @liblime
> How about we all contact them? ;)

Our contacting them isn't as effective as their customers contacting them.

You can get a list of known Koha installations from lib-web-cats:

Which lists over 1200 sites ... the Library Journal, when they covered the
purchase of LibLime last year, only mentioned that they had about 1/2 of those
(140 libraries thought PTFS, 500 from LibLime):

Although, I don't know if the lib-web-cats is libraries, or whole library

You could get specific names of LibLime customers by looking through
their website for testimonials scattered on the site, or get their more recent
clients through the press releases in their 'news' feed: