Glad to hear you got help with your account.

I'd prefer that someone having registration issues just email me directly, at [log in to unmask] It's much easier for me to track. IRC is fine too, I'm usually there, but I do sleep from time to time.

Account approvals are a manual process. Several people have the permissions to approve users, but I'm the only one that gets the new registration emails. Right now, since voting is open, I'm checking it pretty regularly, but if you haven't heard back in a day or two you can send me an email.

Also, if you haven't yet registered for an account on, when you do, if you can include your name and/or website on the form I would appreciate it. 


Ryan Wick

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Creating accounts for voting

Hi list,

I had a bit of trouble registering an account on in order to cast my votes. I got an email saying my account was pending approval, but approval seemed to be a bit late in arriving.

I dropped in on IRC to ask for help, and "edsu" was kind enough to help. Thank you.

If you have similar problems, don't hesitate to drop in on IRC or send an email, since valid registration sometimes get lost in a barrage of spam accounts.



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