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> So, a press release from LibLime states the following:
> "Another one of the assets acquired in the purchase of LibLime was an application for the trademark of the term Koha as it applies to ILS software in New Zealand. That application has now been accepted. PTFS/LibLime will hold that trademark in trust as well, and will not enforce it in order to insure that no individual, organization, or company will be prohibited from promoting their services around Koha in New Zealand.
> PTFS/LibLime is prepared to transfer the trademark to a non-profit Koha Foundation with the provision that the Foundation hold the trademark in trust and not enforce it against any individual, organization, or company who chooses to promote services around Koha in New Zealand. PTFS/LibLime encourages a direct dialog with Koha stakeholders to determine an equitable solution for the disposition of the trademark that serves the best interests of the libraries who use Koha."
> That sounds promising. Has LibLime seen reason, or am I misinterpreting things?
This sounds even more promising

From Liblime:

"Here’s PTFS/LibLime’s press release about the matter:

The TL;DR is: this was inherited—by surprise—from the previous owners.
We don’t know their intentions then, but we know ours now. We’ll hand
the NZ trademark off to a non-profit (including HLT) who agrees to
continue our practice of protecting non-exclusive use of the name."

So now they can sign the application over to HLT who I am sure can
make that promise and we can have this thing resolved in a couple of

(HLT has been elected by the community to hold community property in
trust (after the mess), as the they are a not for profit
Trust, and Biblibre had transferred the EU TM to them already, so it
makes perfect sense to just transfer the application to them, problem