Kåre Fiedler Christiansen quotes

> "PTFS/LibLime is prepared to transfer the trademark to a non-profit
> Koha Foundation with the provision that the Foundation hold the
> trademark in trust and not enforce it against any individual,
> organization, or company who chooses to promote services around Koha
> in New Zealand. PTFS/LibLime encourages a direct dialog with Koha
> stakeholders to determine an equitable solution for the disposition
> of the trademark that serves the best interests of the libraries who
> use Koha."

  That organization has existed since the start of Koha. It is called the 
  Horowhenua Library Trust.

> That sounds promising. Has LibLime seen reason, or am I misinterpreting things?

  As much reason as somebody who comes to steal your belongings and 
  then offers them to hand them back to you may be at some stage.


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