TemaTres Keyword Extactor is tool to  automatic categorization of
texts based on supplied controlled vocabularies. Is a php tool to
extract terms from a text and use it to obtain keywords from a
specific controlled vocabulary. Use the terminological web services
provided by TemaTres.
does not include a learning algorithm .
TemaTres Keyword Extactor does not include a learning machine :( ...
(is a great idea :)) ... use yahoo key extraction service or local

Here can see a demo:

LTER implementation:


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diego ferreyra

2011/11/28 Thomas Krichel <[log in to unmask]>:
>  Peter Neish writes
>> Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for systems that will do
>> automatic content classification through machine learning?
>  I use LibSVM in AuthorClaim ( and
>  svm_light in NEP ( I found both very helpful.
>  I would switch to LibSVM in NEP since it LibSVM is still
>  actively being developed. Just using a simple binary term
>  weighing scheme and default SVM parameters should get you a
>  long way.
>  Cheers,
>  Thomas Krichel          
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