HTML, CSS, and PHP make for a great start. 

For interface development, I'd suggest adding jQuery to the mix (especially JQueryUI and JQuery Mobile). I find jQuery to be useful for two particular things:
1) modifying interfaces over which you have limited direct control (like OPACs) -- it lets you modify the DOM (ie, re-write the HTML).
2) jQueryUI makes it astonishingly easy to create all sorts of interface widgets like tabbed browsing, date pickers, etc. JQuery Mobile does similar work in "mobilizing" well-formed HTML content.

For some moderately heavy lifting in the background, MySQL (or something similar like PostgreSQL) is also enormously useful. I use MySQL databases for darn near everything -- our list of journal holdings, the list of databases, collection development functions, etc. Large chunks of our library website are generated from the database content, which helps with "update once, changes appear everywhere" kinds of functions.

I'm kind of "close to the ground" coder in that I mostly work on smaller projects that don't require or take advantage of big intermediary tools like Drupal. Which is not to say that there's anything wrong with the big tools, just that someone else is better positioned to recommend them. (If I were to pick up a few new toolsets right now, Drupal and SOLR/Blacklight would probably be the ones I'd go for.)

Good luck,

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Hi code4lib folks,

I'm in my final semester of library school and my first year as a baby librarian. At school, I focused on systems and technology, and I'm currently running a desktop and mobile site at work. I'm fine with HTML and CSS, and I can fumble around in PHP, but I feel very under-prepared for the library web developer career I want to have. I was wondering what skills/programming languages/experience you think I should be seeking if I want to be able to develop (good) interactive online resources/digital collections for library patrons and/or staff. 

Thanks for your help!

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