***Apologies for cross-posting***

*Did you suck at Drupal? Have you been responsible for a Drupal-related
disaster? Or perhaps you’ve created a mess of another CMS? You are not

Consider serving on the Drupal Fail Panel at the LITA Drupal Interest Group
Meeting at ALA Midwinter in Dallas. The meeting takes place on Saturday,
January 21st, from 1:30-3:30 in room A310 of the Dallas Convention Center.

Drupal FAIL might include:

*Installation FAIL
*Migration FAIL
*Permissions FAIL
*Upgrade FAIL
*Taxonomy FAIL
*Module FAIL
*Theme FAIL
*Roll-out FAIL
*Marketing FAIL

Tell us what went wrong and, if and how you recovered, and what the
long-term ramifications of the FAIL were. Comedy welcome!

We can then share a group hug and learn from each other's mistakes in a Q &
A session.

Send a short proposal or any questions you may have to the LITA Drupal IG
chairs Nina McHale ([log in to unmask]) or Christopher Evjy (
[log in to unmask]) Please send proposals by Friday, December 16th.


Nina McHale, MA/MSLS
Facebook & Twitter: @ninermac