Fellow Infrastructure Working Group Members,

Looking forward to our call tomorrow!

Time: 4:00 PM Eastern

Call-in number:  866-469-3239

Participant access code:  21408589

1. Input on the overview of survey results overview:
What interesting things can we say about our results? Please take a few minutes to skim the attached survey overview document and come to the call with some comments on what you think is interesting in the results.

2. Pinning down the next project:
Take a few minutes look over the attached PDF Andrea shared  on making decisions about open source software. In light of this decision framework how should we design our next infrastructure project? Consider adding any additional related documents to the references wiki page for the project.

I've included some more info for background on these two things below.

1: Status of storage project
Since our last call several members have worked  together to put together the attached brief overview of survey results. The team members working on revising the report in light of these survey results are already digging into that work. However, it would be ideal if everyone could take a few minutes and skim through the attached overview and flag things that you find interesting or intriguing. The attached document is just consolidated and organized raw results. We still need to figure out what those results actually tell us, and your thoughts on the implications and interesting points in these results are what is going to take this from a pile of information and turn it into a useful report.

2: More info on the Open Source project
After our last call Andrea created a new page and posted some great links to a few examples from Harvard and Code4Lib that illustrate issues for consideration. This is great food for thought for a) what is already out there and b) the kinds of things we might think about producing at the end of this project. Of particular interest for our purposes is the open source use cases document Andrea posted (attached) and the information from the Code4Lib wiki about a similar project focused on creating decision support tools for libraries considering open source software tools.  See this wiki page for more details:

Trevor Owens, Digital Archivist
NDIIPP, National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program
Office of Strategic Initiatives, Library of Congress


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