Hi folks,

We are working with Lehigh University on building out a more full-fledged
SirsiDynix Symphony adapter to work with the XC NCIP toolkit. We will
hopefully building our new Patron Account interface on top of the
eXtensible Catalog NCIP toolkit.

Obviously, to build our new interface on top of the NCIP toolkit, we need
to generate NCIP XML requests and parse NCIP XML responses. These things
are a bit gnarly to work with, and I'm not sure that PHP is exactly known
for excellence in working with XML. Has anyone ever dabbled in this area
before? Created an awesome PHP library we could just pick up and use? Have
any particular pointers?

We have Zend framework at our disposal in terms of PHP frameworks, and will
likely be using that for this project. I don't know in particular if it has
good XML parsing tools (my staff probably would), but even if it does, we
still have to sort through the NCIP verbosity.

Just thought I'd check.