(apologies if you already saw this on the cod4libcon list)

There were some questions on #code4lib IRC today about Jonathan is right, it is a bit "wacky", but
hopefully in a good way. I was going to grab a lightning talk slot at
the conference to talk about it, but here is a brief summary that may help. is a Python Django application called shortimer that
is on github [1]. Jobs end up on via two workflows:

1. posting via email:

- lots of people post job ads to the code4lib mailing list, so
shortimer subscribes to the list and tries to find job postings in the
emails it receives
- if it finds what looks like a job it extracts what metadata it can,
and adds it to its database in an non-published state
- logged in users can curate jobs [2] (clean up job titles, add the
employer, job URL, and any tags that seem relevant) and then hit
- when someone publishes a job it will show up on the homepage [3]
- when someone publishes a job the code4lib twitter account [4] will
tweet the job announcement

2. posting via website

- a logged in user can go to a web form [5] and post a new job
- when they hit publish an email will go to the discussion list, and
will get tweeted

That's pretty much it. Freebase is used as a controlled vocabulary for
tags and employers which has some benefits in displaying jobs by a
topic like Ruby [6]. It's even possible to get some general trend
reporting [7].

This is a long way of saying: if you have jobs to announce before or
at the conference please feel free to try out :-) Of
course there is a whole lot of value in a physical board at the
conference and/or a wiki with people that can answer questions in
person though. There's no replacing that...