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Subject: Elsevier App Challenge at Code4Lib 2012


Hello Everyone,


My name is Nishit Bhuva and I am the Partner Development Manager in the
Developer Network team at Elsevier. I am sure many of the Code4Lib
members must be aware of SciVerse Applications
<>  that are
developed on the Elsevier platform. For the members who are new to this
platform, the apps on SciVerse basically assist researchers in
accelerating their scientific study by saving time and effort and
presenting targeted information, rather than having them go through the
vast amount of scientific data available.


We are very excited about the Code4Lib conference. Elsevier was one of
the sponsors for Code4Lib 2011 and we are also on the sponsors list for
Code4Lib 2012. Since SciVerse apps are excellent tools that bring
precise scientific information at the fingertips of researchers, we are
interested in engaging with all members of Code4Lib to use their
expertise and assist the scientific community in accelerating their
research. To facilitate the engagement with Code4Lib members, we are
interested in organizing an App Challenge prior to and during the 2012
conference. This challenge will give Code4Lib members an opportunity to
showcase their talents on a global platform. Below is a draft outline
for the challenge we are interested in organizing (this draft is open
for discussion).


Stage 1: Submit your concepts/ideas for an app.


*         Concept/Idea submission begins on January 9, 2012.

*         Deadline for submission will be January 31, 2012.

*         Submissions should include a detailed concept/idea description
and poster/slides showing functionality of the app.

*         Top 10-15 concepts/ideas will be selected by Elsevier.

*         Entries could be as individuals/teams.


Stage 2: Build an app based on selected concepts.


*         The poster/slides of selected entries will be displayed on all
days of the conference.

*         Members of the winning teams will build apps during the 4 days
of the conference (February 6 - 9, 2012).

*         End deliverable will be a working prototype of the app.

*         Three winners will be selected by Elsevier 

*         Winners receive cash rewards after the conference.

*         Entries could be as individuals/teams.


Some of you might be wondering that what happens to concept/ideas and
prototype apps that are not selected. The good news is, these go to the
SciVerse Labs Applications gallery where:

*         The concepts can be used by any developer to build apps and,

*         Original developers of app prototypes will have an opportunity
to continue their work.


I would be glad to hear from all members about their thoughts on this
challenge and also discuss other possibilities to engage during the


Happy Holidays to all !







Nishit Bhuva
Manager, Partner Development | Elsevier, Inc.
360 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10010, U.S.A.
Tel: +1 212-633-3722

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