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Just wanted to say (belatedly) that I've responded to a couple of Trevor's wikis, just wanted to see if anyone was interested in looking. They are located at Trevor's link below. 

I may not even be doing it correctly, so if I'm not, someone please admonish me publicly and let me know how to do it properly!

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On Dec 7, 2011, at 3:12 PM, Owens, Trevor wrote:

> Fellow NDSA Infrastructure Working Group Members, 
> I wanted to try and sketch out a way for us to practically tackle the next project we have started talking about. I would be thrilled to chat about how to either 1) refine this idea or 2) entertain alternative ways of framing the project. It would be great to go back and forth on the list about this idea a bit. 
> I have also posted the following to the wiki at 
> *Title*
> 25 Questions to ask when considering open source software for digital stewardship and preservation
> *Goal* 
> Refine a set of questions or a decision tree that we provided to help guide decisions around open source software's use in digital preservation and digital stewardship. 
> *Process*
> We work off of Andrea's set of use cases and refine the cases into a set of questions to answer in each use case situation. Then we set up a series of calls with people we identify as having some particular insight and or expertise. We send them the revised document before hand, and then give them a chance to comment on the initial set of questions. They can offer stories of times when a given issue was particularly important, make suggestions for how they would prioritize these issues, remark on what they think should also be included or if there are some things that don't need to be included. We take significant notes on each of the calls and post those up on the wiki as we go. So, we would have monthly calls with one expert a month for, say five or six months. After each call we would tweak our document in light of the previous calls and organize our notes to keep track of things we will want to talk about in a final report that accompanies the final revised set of questions. At the end of this process we would have a set of organized questions that partners could use as a tool, we would then also produce a report that explained why these were particularly important questions based on our own experience and including commentary from those involved in the process. 
> *Schedule*
> Here is a quick schedule I would suggest for working on this: 
> 1.January we identify, contact, and schedule our conference call speaker/commenters
> 2.Feb through June we do monthly calls with speakers, taking notes and iteratively revising our set of questions. 
> 3.July we share the questions and something reflecting on their development at the NDIIPP/NDSA partners meeting. 
> 4.Aug-September, we draft the final report doc 
> 5.October-December we would disseminate the resulting products and start planning our next project.
> I could imagine we would work with a mixture of speakers from inside and outside the NDSA. For example, several of the members are leading significant open source projects and many of the members are also doing a lot of decision making decisions about using, releasing, or participating in the development of open source systems. 
> I am interested in your general thoughts about this, any comments and suggestions you have, or any alterative proposals for how you would like to go about this. 
> Best, 
> Trevor
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