Hi all,

I'm working on an RDF model for describing concepts.  I have skos:Concept
nested inside rdf:RDF.  Most documents will have little more than labels
and related links inside of skos:Concept.  However, for a certain type of
concept, we have XML documents with a more sophisticated ontology and
structure for describing the concept.  I could embed this metadata into the
RDF or reference it as an rdf:resource.  It doesn't matter much to me
either way, but I'm unsure of the semantically correct way to create this

Suppose I have:

<skos:Concept rdf:about="URI">
 <skos:prefLabel xml:lang="en">Label</skos:prefLabel>
<nuds:nuds>.....more sophistated model......</nuds:nuds>

Is it okay to have the more sophistated metadata model embedded in
skos:Concept alongside labels and related links?  Suppose I want to store
the more sophisticated metadata separately and reference it?  I'm not sure
what property adequately addresses this relation, semantically.