Hey all,

Just a friendly request that folks viewing the current ad-hoc archives
of the livestream [1] help me out with quality assurance.

As a lot of you know, I have a secondary video set of variable quality
recorded to DV tapes. I'll be spending some of tomorrow (2/13)
capturing those to file at UW. I don't have time to watch all the
archived footage, but I know a lot of you have been viewing &/or
looking for specific talks / segments.

To this end, I've put an editable copy of the schedule on the wiki. If
you've watched something and know it's good, let me know. If you've
watched something and noted that the stream dropped or the quality
bites let me know. If you looked for and couldn't find something,
definitely let me know. I can't promise a perfect archive, but I hope
you'll all want to help me make it as good as it can be.

You can either edit in the wiki directly, or email me, or hit me up on
twitter (@chrpr), or I'll try to lurk in channel sometimes the next
few weeks.

This way, over the next few of weeks, I can cobble together the best
possible footages, load them to the Internet Archive as well as
re-load them and tag them on Livestream, and link them from the
conference schedule.

It'll probably take me a few weeks to get all of this done, and feel
free to let me know if you have any suggestions or want to help in any


Corey A Harper
Metadata Services Librarian
New York University Libraries
20 Cooper Square, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003-7112
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