Hi all,

Just wanted to pass on some info folks may know already. Sorry about the 

The Linux box running our EZproxy instances crashed hard last night. 
(Not sure why yet, I don't admin the hardware.)

When this happens, the ezproxy.lck file remains. EZproxy will not start 
with that file in place, and apparently fails silently as far as STDERR 
is concerned (i.e. no mention in the logs). I had to try running the 
ezproxy binary manually to see the STDOUT output.

So: your startup script needs to take that into account. Our custom 
script didn't :\ Not sure if the one generated by [ezproxy -si] does.

(P.S. Nagios FTW!)

Yitzchak Schaffer
Systems Manager
Touro College Libraries
212.742.8770 ext. 2432

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