Most of our teams use Redmine. It's very lightweight. On smaller projects
we use the wiki for documentation. The markup has shorthand for linking
back to issues which comes in handy.

There are two ways to setup email issue creation/closing. If you use the
SMTP option, email is very easy to setup. The Sendmail option is a little
more hacky. 


On 2/22/12 9:53 AM, "Michael J. Giarlo" <[log in to unmask]>

>On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 12:36, Cynthia Ng <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> What's key:
>> 1) minimal effort in install/setup i.e. ready to use out of the box
>> 2) small scale is okay, we have a very small team
>> 3) ideally, have an area for documentation and issue creation via email
>> What does your institution use?
>> What do you like and dislike most about it?
>> Would you recommend it to others?
>We have been using Redmine for the past year or so. We use it for
>issues and for code repo integration and for tying issues to commits.
>We don't much use the wiki/doc functionality and we do not create
>issues via email, though I do believe it supports both of those
>features out of the box.
>We're very happy with it and would recommend it. It runs on Ruby on
>Rails, so make sure you can support that in your environment, needless
>to say.
>I've also used Trac in the past, which I also liked very much but I've
>found Redmine to be a little less fiddly though I recognize that is
>highly subjective. If it's easier to support Python/wsgi apps in your
>environment, Trac might be a better choice than than Redmine assuming
>its feature set matches your needs.