I've been happy with Trac. It does have good SCM integration.

Many of the options listed have VMs available at places like or

You might try out this custom google search I put together:


On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Joe Hourcle
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> On Feb 22, 2012, at 12:36 PM, Cynthia Ng wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> We're looking at implementing an issue tracker for internal use, so
>> I'm looking for recommendations.
>> What's key:
>> 1) minimal effort in install/setup i.e. ready to use out of the box
>> 2) small scale is okay, we have a very small team
>> 3) ideally, have an area for documentation and issue creation via email
>> What does your institution use?
>> What do you like and dislike most about it?
>> Would you recommend it to others?
>> Responses (short or detailed) would be greatly appreciated.
> I've only managed Bugzilla and Trac.
> They both were a little annoying to set up (define all of your
> software components and versions, and who's responsible for each
> one, so they'll get notified if bugs are filed).
> Trac has good reporting & wiki for documentation, and their
> markup syntax makes it easy to link trouble tickets within the
> documentation (and it'll scratch them out as they're marked as
> resolved).
> I did get into some problems, as we had it open to the public,
> and someone posted an attachment*, which triggered a 'security
> incident' (which didn't seem to reach the 'men with guns show
> up and seize your machines' like it had in the past ... instead,
> it was 'we're going to make you rebuild your machine over and over
> against until we say it's okay' so I wasted 2 weeks on it)
> It's also a bit of a pain to strip all occurrences of the term
> 'wiki' and 'trac' from the software, so that I didn't show up as
> 7 of the top 10 results in google for ' wiki'.  If
> you're keeping it private, it might not be so bad.
> I also have no idea how useful the interaction with change control
> is ... we were using CVS, and it was still subversion specific
> back then.
> I've also helped to configure Remedy before, it was more
> than a decade ago, but it left a bad taste it my mouth (and it
> wasn't cheap)
> ...
> As others have mentioned github, I know there's other services
> out there ... one project here uses (which is
> tied to Bazaar), and they seem happy with it, but I've never
> administered it myself.
> -Joe
> * The attachment was an image which said 'I've hacked your machine'.
> Years later, when we switched virus scanning software, it found a
> backup that had that file in it, and it turns out there was a
> JPEG exploit in it ... but the security gestapo had thought that
> *my* server had been hacked, which is what triggered it all.