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Date: Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 12:52 PM
Subject: [Dbworld] CfP "corpora ethnographica online" (CEO 2012), Sep
26-28, 2012, Rostock, Germany
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Call for papers

*"corpora ethnographica online" (CEO 2012)*

International Symposium on Strategies for digitizing ethnographical
and their presentation on the internet

By now projects of digitization rank among everyday business in cultural
sciences, but so far there are no substantial experiences in digitizing
collections and their efficient utilization on the internet.  Special
arise with digitization of handwritten ethnographical collections based on
results of vast field research activities.  These huge amounts of documents
barely manageable and often in danger of decay.  They need to be long-term
preserved, digitized, and sustainably made accessible online by intelligent
efficient content management and retrieval techniques.

The theme of the international symposium, which will be held at the
of Rostock between September 26 and 28, 2012, includes strategies for
digitization and presenta- tion of cultural --- especially ethnographical
collections and their online presentation.  In the context of the project
"WossiDiA", funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), the symposium's
hosts are currently preparing the archive of Richard Wossidlo (1859-1939)
it's complete online presentation.  The Wossidlo archive consists of
documents about folk culture and the dialect of Mecklenburg, including more
than two million handwritten notes which are highly interconnected with each
other in a complex filing system.

The symposium is meant to offer a forum for discussion and exchange of
experiences with other projects facing similar challenges.  It attempts to
bring together archives, libraries, and museums with the computer science
the disciplines of cultural sciences, such as Cultural Anthropology,
Volkskunde/European Ethnology, Linguistics/Dialectology, and Regional
Moreover the symposium is intended to promote digitization efforts for
collections and their online publication.

The symposium focuses on the following topics:

*Concept and Design*

-- Analog and digital long-term preservation as well as sustainability of
  digital archives: problems, solutions, guidelines and standards
-- Planning of digitization projects and development of digital archives
-- Interface between cultural sciences on the one hand and software and data
  engineering on the other hand for digitization projects
-- Digitization: in-house versus external contractor
-- Integration of diverse kinds of documents and objects (manuscripts and
  letters, prints, photographs, objects, maps, etc.)
-- Challenges in and solutions for design and implementation of digitization


-- Use of existing digital archive and library systems vs. domain specific
-- Interconnectivity between and within digitized collections of archives,
  libraries, and museums
-- Integration of distributed archive systems and web portals, as well as
  perspectives for Europeana, the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek, and similar
  initiatives in other countries
-- Metadata and structural data: standards, modification techniques, highly
  interconnected metadata, classification, thesauri, indexing, and the use
  ontologies incl. their dynamics


-- Techniques for retrieval, evaluation and presentation of online
-- Visualization strategies and interaction paradigms for working with
-- Usage scenarios for digital archives; using of roles (annotator, editor,
  contemporary witness, contributor, etc.)
-- A critical analysis of the behavior of users in online and offline
-- Rights of use for contents of digital archives: Open Access vs. Digital
  Rights Management
-- Digital Collaboration: Use of Web 2.0 technologies to enhance metadata

Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals for presentation.
Please send an abstract of no more than one page in length in English or
not later than March 15, 2012 to: [log in to unmask]

Furthermore you will have the opportunity to present your project in a
session.  Notification of acceptance for submitted proposals will be sent by
April 10, 2012.  The contributions for the symposium will be published

*Program committee*

University of Rostock

Dr. Christoph Schmitt
Dept. of Volkskunde/European Ethnology
Am Reifergraben 4
18055 Rostock, Germany
E-Mail: [log in to unmask]

Dr. Holger Meyer
Dept. of Computer Science
Database Research Group
Albert-Einstein-Str. 22
18059 Rostock, Germany
E-Mail: [log in to unmask]

Robert Zepf
Director of library
University Library
Albert-Einstein-Str. 6
18059 Rostock, Germany
E-Mail: [log in to unmask]


Dr. Stefanie Janssen
Institut für Volkskunde (Wossidlo-Archiv)
Am Reifergraben 4, 18055 Rostock, Germany
Tel.: +49 381 498 1056
Fax: +49 381 498 118 1053
E-Mail: [log in to unmask]

In context of the "WossiDiA" project supported by the German Research

Submission deadline (abstract): March 15 2012
Date of acceptance: April 10 2012
Submission of abstract (1 page): mailto:[log in to unmask]
Conference date: September 26--28 2012
Symposiums website:
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