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> Ancient geographic entities.  Athens is in Attica.  Sardis is in Lydia (in
> Anatolia, for example).  If these were modern geopolitical entities, I
> would use geonames.  We're linking cities to Pleiades, but Pleiades does
> not maintain parent::child geographic relationships.

geoPoliticalSubdivision may work for you. You could assert this as a
subPropertyOf ObjectInverseOf(partOf), since BIG is a
holonym<>of SMALL. Also, it is
probably a bad idea to use partOf if there is a more
specific sub-property that you can use that will better capture the
intended  meaning - for example, components of a kit, or series in a fonds.

"(geopoliticalSubdivision BIG SMALL) means that
the GeopoliticalEntity SMALL is a part of the
larger GeopoliticalEntity BIG. The territory (see the constant TerritoryFn)
of SMALL is a geographical sub-region (see the
predicate geographicalSubRegions) of the territory of BIG. The government
(see the constant GovernmentFn) of BIG usually has some sovereignty over
the government of SMALL."