Hi. Is there a reason not to attempt this instead through the CLI?

Al Matthews, Software Dev,
Atlanta University Center
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Archivists' Toolkit: Adding Digital Objects via MySQL

Hi Everyone,

I posted this over on the Archivists' Toolkit listserv and got no response
(yet), so I thought I might try here as well.

I have a large quantity (around 300+) of digital objects that I need to add
to Archivists' Toolkit.  I think I've figured out what queries I need to
run in order to do this in MySQL (rather than the interface) but I wanted
to get opinions from the peanut gallery before trying it out on my test

It seems that there are actually two update queries that need to be used
when creating a Digital Object.  They are:

insert into ArchDescriptionInstances
(instanceType, resourceComponentId, resourceId, parentResourceId,
instanceDescriminator, archDescriptionInstancesId)
('Digital object', 336673, null, 543, 'digital', 22567003)


insert into DigitalObjects
(version, lastUpdated, created, lastUpdatedBy, createdBy, title,
dateExpression, dateBegin, dateEnd, languageCode, restrictionsApply,
eadDaoActuate, eadDaoShow, metsIdentifier, objectType, label, objectOrder,
componentId, parentDigitalObjectId, archDescriptionInstancesId,
(0, '2012-04-17 12:05:15', '2012-04-17 12:05:15', 'username', 'username',
'title', '1938-1959', null, null, '', 0, 'onRequest', 'new', '678.1829',
'text', '', 0, '', null, 22567003, 1)

There also appears to be some update queries as well, but I'm guessing that
they are less important (please correct me if I'm wrong).  Has anyone tried
to do this in the past? If so do you have scripts that will create Digital
Objects for you that you wouldn't mind sharing?  Is there anything you
think I should know before testing this out in my test instance of AT?  Any
caveats for me?

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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