1. Any reason to choose Highwire Press tags, Eprints tags, BE Press
tag, or PRISM tags over any of the other three?

2. Any tips on implementing one of the above WordPress (e.g., Meta Tag
Manager <>

Here's the background:

Google Scholar recently announced its metrics for publications
which includes an index that may be more accurate than ISI's impact
factor <>.

I help maintain a blog/journal called In the Library with the Lead
Pipe. Like the code4lib journal, we used WordPress for our backend.
Unlike the code4lib journal, we're not included in the Google Scholar

This may be because we published fewer than 100 articles between 2007
and 2011, which would disqualify us, but there may remedies. For
instance, one action we can take to improve the likelihood of our
being indexed is to include more metadata, which is exactly the sort
of thing we would do even if Google weren't offering us something of a
reward for doing it.

Here's the relevant portion from Google's "dense" inclusion manual

> Google Scholar uses automated software, known as "parsers", to identify bibliographic data of your papers, as well as references between the papers. Incorrect identification of bibliographic data or references will lead to poor indexing of your site. Some documents may not be included at all, some may be included with incorrect author names or titles, and some may rank lower in the search results, because their (incorrect) bibliographic data would not match (correct) references to them from other papers. To avoid such problems, you need to provide bibliographic data and references in a way that automated "parser" software can process.

> If you're using repository or journal management software, such as Eprints, DSpace, Digital Commons or OJS, please configure it to export bibliographic data in HTML "<meta>" tags. Google Scholar supports Highwire Press tags (e.g., citation_title), Eprints tags (e.g., eprints.title), BE Press tags (e.g., bepress_citation_title), and PRISM tags (e.g., prism.title). Use Dublin Core tags (e.g., DC.title) as a last resort - they work poorly for journal papers because Dublin Core doesn't have unambiguous fields for journal title, volume, issue, and page numbers. To check that these tags are present, visit several abstracts and view their HTML source.



Brett Bonfield
Collingswood (NJ) Public Library