On behalf of the ArchivesSpace team, I am pleased to announce that
LYRASIS will become the organizational home for the ArchivesSpace open
 source archives management system.  The identification of LYRASIS as
the organizational home for  ArchivesSpace is an important step toward
ensuring a sustainable  future for the financial, technical, and
governance life of the  ArchivesSpace system.  In turn, it ensures
continuity for the hundreds  of archives that now depend on the
Archivists' Toolkit (AT) or the Archon systems to support the
management of and access to archives.

Engaging the ArchivesSpace user community in a new membership and
governance structure will be the central factor in sustaining a
vibrant software tool. LYRASIS’ demonstrated ability to foster
collaboration among its member libraries and other archival
institutions positions it well to support this activity. Development
of the ArchivesSpace software system is slated to commence in summer
2012, with release by the end of 2013. For more information about the
ArchivesSpace project, please visit


Created in April 2009 by the merger of the PALINET and  SOLINET
library services consortia, and joined shortly thereafter by NELINET,
LYRASIS is the largest regional membership organization  serving
libraries and information professionals in the United States.  LYRASIS
includes more than 1700 member institutions across the US and
internationally. Though large in scale, LYRASIS is known for its local
 touch - fostering collaboration and cooperation among members and
facilitating their success through networking and programming,
innovative solutions, and significant cost savings through group
purchasing for products and services. For more information, please

For the full press release, please visit:

Mark A. Matienzo
Technical Architect, ArchivesSpace