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Patron-driven acquisitions is a trend in Library Land where library collections are increased in size through any number of automated means -- usually monitored online use of materials. There is some programming logic being used here, and therefore the following announcement of a symposium may be of interest so some on this list:

  The Hesburgh Libraries at the University of Notre Dame is
  sponsoring a symposium on the topic of patron-driven
   * Who - Anybody and everybody is invited
   * What - A symposium
   * When - Monday, May 21, 2012 from 9 o'clock
     to 1 o'clock, then lunch (included), and
     then informal roundtable discussions
   * Where - Hesburgh Library Auditorium, University
     of Notre Dame
   * Cost - free
  Titles of presentations and presenters include:
   * Acquisitions and User Services: responsive and responsible
     ways to build the collection (Lynn Wiley, University of
     Illinois Urbana-Champagne)
   * Demand Driven Acquisitions: University of Notre Dame
     Experience (Fall 2011  Spring 2012) (Laura A. Sill and Natasha
     Lyandres, University of Notre Dame)
   * Silent Partners in Collection Development: Patron-Driven
     Acquisitions at Purdue (Judith M. Nixon, Robert S. Freeman, and
     Suzanne M. Ward, Purdue University)
   * The Long Tail of PDA (Dracine Hodges, Ohio State University)
  After lunch and given enough interest, there will also be a
  facilitation of roundtable discussions on the topic of the day.
  To register, simply send your name to Eric Lease Morgan
  <[log in to unmask]>, and you will be registered. Easy! For more
  detail, see:

Everybody is welcome, and the more the merrier.

Eric "Really Stretching It" Morgan
University of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604

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