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Interested in learning about the Islandora open-source digital asset
management system?  The Islandora team will be presenting a pre-conference
workshop at ALA suitable for new users and current implementers. Learn how
Islandora is simplifying the process of creating robust digital collections
and workspaces. Spots are limited, so sign up soon.

*Building Digital Collections Using Islandora*
Speaker: Mark Leggott, University of Prince Edward Island; Kirsta
Stapelfeldt, University of Prince Edward Island;

This session will introduce the key concepts underpinning the Islandora
Digital Asset Management system. Participants will learn the basics of
running this rich repository system and how to utilize common “solution
packs” to create and theme collections in Islandora. Participants will
learn how to begin modeling and curating custom data collections and how to
migrate from other repository systems, including ContentDM, DSpace and
more. Textbooks and system access will be provided; participants should
bring computers.

Please note: you do not have to register for ALA Annual Conference to
attend a preconference. Visit the LITA website for more information on
registration and other LITA events at ALA Annual Conference:

Kirsta Stapelfeldt, MA, MLIS
Islandora Project/Repository Manager
Robertson Library
University of Prince Edward Island

Subject Matter Expert
Discovery Garden Inc.

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Skype Name: Kirsta.Stapelfeldt