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Hello Content WG:

The Innovation working group has taken the initiative (thanks to Trevor Owens, Jane Mandelbaum, Micah Beck and Jefferson Bailey!) and started a Digital Preservation Q&A site on Stack Exchange. This idea is the result of some of the discussions at the NDSA Joint leadership meeting (See below for more background information).

Here are 3 things you can do that will only take a few minutes to help get this idea off the ground.

1. Sign up and follow the proposal for the Digital Preservation Stack Exchange Q&A site.

You will see we have defined it as:

"Proposed Q&A site for librarians, archivists, curators, data managers, information specialists, computer scientists and engineers and other professionals working to ensure long term access to digital objects"

2. Vote for FIVE(5) of the suggested questions that you think are the best questions.


To go past this initial definition phase of the Stack Exchange Q&A site creation process, the Digital Preservation proposal needs to get at least 40 questions which each have at least 10 votes.

3. Add a few questions that you think serve as examples of the kinds of questions you would like to have answered.

4. Forward this email on to anyone or any email lists that you participate in that you feel would be interested in participating in this initial phase (to get the Q&A site created).

The resulting Digital Preservation Stack Exchange site would not be an NDSA site, it would provide a public place where NDSA members could help build a knowledge base of technical Q&A. As a result, the site would potentially provide a common space for any number of digital preservation experts in both the national and international community to collaboratively build that knowledge base. So, feel free to forward this to any other organizations or professional associations that might be interested in recruiting their members to participate.


Abbie (credit to Butch for his wording :)

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