I think maybe even something like the Twine ( would be good for this kind of project- it has a built in temperature sensor already. The noise sensor, you'd have to add yourself.
(but just like the Raspberry Pi, we're all still waiting to it to be launched and tested by those brave early adopters)

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I think with cheap yet fully capable computers like the Raspberry Pi [1] it opens up all sorts of possibilities for collecting data on and interacting in spaces. I hope we'll see more of this kind of experimentation. Since they're cheap it'll be easy to embed them all over the place.

Now if only the RPi I ordered on the first day would just get here already, so I can start playing with it.



On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 3:39 PM, Ellen K. Wilson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> This is really more of a thought experiment than an actual project, 
> but I thought some people might get a kick out of it - maybe someone 
> has even done it.
> We are in the process of redesigning our library homepage. During the 
> fall semester we had a team of freshmen CIS students do a basic 
> usability and design service learning project and we are now 
> incorporating as much of their feedback as possible. We'd like to be as student-centric as possible.
> This got me thinking about the top two suggestions in the library's 
> feedback box - 1) we want a coffee shop and 2) it's too cold/hot in 
> the library. I figure I covered number one by throwing in some 
> Javascript on the page
> (*groan*) but I see an opportunity with the second one. We do have 
> microclimates within the library, so while it may be hot on 3N, 
> chances are good it's freezing on 4S. Given that actually fixing this 
> is beyond the library's control, what if we put wireless temperature 
> sensors throughout the building and displayed their readings on the library homepage?
> So, if one were to attempt this:
> -How would you go about it? (hardware- or software-wise) -Could it be 
> done for cheap?
> -Would it be OCLC-approved?
> Best regards,
> Ellen
> DISCLAIMER: The a/c is out in the library (again) and I think the high 
> temperatures in my office may be frying my brain.
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