Bug Wrangler

Engineering & Product Management


Organize and improve the process of bug reporting, bug prioritization, and bug
response. Build, train and support a community of volunteers to do likewise.


Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Review and assess bug reports and enhancement requests; close reports where
possible, or find an appropriate assignee

Grow a community of volunteer bug responders who help transfer issue reports
from other communication channels to the bug tracker, and who share bug
management responsibilities

Clean up and organize the existing bug tracker backlog, identifying duplicated
and outdated bugs

Work with members of the community who report bugs to clarify any ambiguity in
the bug descriptions and get all the information required to reproduce the

Work closely with product managers and developers to prioritize, categorize
and assign bugs based on Mediawiki features and extensions

Manage expectations about deployment of fixes and communicate the status of
major bugs to bug reporters

Work with product managers and developers to improve the process of bug
submission and bug status workflow

Communicate widely and frequently via mailing lists, IRC, wikis, and bug
tracker comments


You must be comfortable in a highly collaborative, consensus-oriented

Must be highly-organized and detail-oriented

Excellent written communication skills (clear and fast)

Experience working with remote and distributed teams

Experience diagnosing, reporting, and tracking software quality issues

Experience reporting and/or resolving issues in a public bug tracker (please

Experience editing Wikipedia or another wiki


Experience with best practices in secure and scalable web application
development is a plus

Experience administering MediaWiki and Bugzilla is a major plus

Experience dealing with user-submitted bug reports and feature requests is a
major plus

Experience in customer service (face-to-face or remote)

Software development, product management, user experience design, or
operations engineering experience is welcome

Experience as a bugmeister with other open source project is a major plus

Any other free/open software development experience is highly welcome

Experience with wikis and participatory production environments is a plus

Ability to read, speak, or write multiple languages is a plus

The ideal candidate will be creative, highly motivated, diplomatic, and able
to operate effectively in multiple cultural contexts.

Active participation as a Wikimedia volunteer would be an asset, though not a

Strong understanding of the Internet and the forces that underpin the success
of Wikipedia

Both San Francisco and remote candidates will be considered.

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