Here's one:

It's a bookmarklet that installs simply by dragging a button on that web site to the menu bar in your browser.  Once installed you can go to any web page on the net, then click on the "VIVO Searchlight" link in the menu bar.  That action takes the text from the web site, does some simple text analysis, then sends common terms to a search engine that has indexed several instances of a semantic web application which contains data about researches.  A window then pops up at the top of the browser window which shows you who may be doing research in the subject area represented on the web page you're looking at.  You can then highlight any text on that page and it sends just that bit of text to the search engine to refine results.  

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Thanks, it really helps to get a list of projects using it so I can get a better sense of what's possible.

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> I have done some work with node building apps in the areas of mapping 
> and communication (chat, etc.).
> Looking at the list at
> ies-Using-Node
> ,
> the emphasis on real-time stands out.
> Node is fast and lightweight, and is well suited to applications that 
> need speed and can take advantage of multiple channels.
> Thanks,
> Cary
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > It was recently suggested to me that a project I am working on may 
> > adopt node.js for its architecture (well, be completely re-written 
> > for
> node.js).
> > I don't know anything about node.js, and have only heard of it in 
> > some passing discussions on the list.  I'd like to know if anyone on 
> > code4lib has experience developing in this platform, and what their 
> > thoughts are
> on
> > it, positive or negative.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ethan
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