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2nd International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives(SDA)
in conjunction with the 16th Int. Conference on Theory and Practice of
Digital Libraries (TPDL)

27th September 2012 in Paphos, Cyprus


The workshop "Semantic Digital Archives" aims to promote and discuss
sophisticated knowledge representation and knowledge management
solutions specifically designed for improving Archival Information
Systems. It can be expected that using Semantic (Web) technologies in
general and Linked Data in particular can mature the area of digital
archiving and preservation, as well as technologically tighten the
natural bond between digital libraries and digital archives, which are
approaching this topic from different views (e.g., there might be
promising combinations of pertinence and provenance models since those
are traditionally the prevailing knowledge organization principles of
the library and archiving community, respectively). Semantic
representations of contextual knowledge about cultural heritage
objects enhance organization and access of data and knowledge. In
order to achieve a comprehensive investigation, the information
seeking and document triage behaviors of users hav!
 e to be included in the research as well. For the purpose of a
comprehensive investigation of the topic, it is intended to bring
together the digital libraries community, the digital archiving
community and the semantic technologies community. This full day
workshop will be an exciting opportunity for collaboration and
cross-fertilization. We also explicitly encourage a closer dialogue
between the technical oriented communities with people from the
(digital) humanities and social sciences, as well as cultural heritage
institutions in general in order to approach the topic from all
relevant angles and perspectives.


We intend to have an open discussion on topics related to the general
subject of Semantic Digital Archives. Hence, we welcome contributions
that focus on, but are not limited to:

* Ontologies & linked data for digital archives and digital libraries
(including multimedia archives)
* Semantic search & semantic information retrieval in digital archives
and digital libraries (including multimedia archives)
* Implementations and evaluations of semantic digital archives
* Visualization and exploration of content in large digital archives
* User interfaces for semantic digital libraries
* User interfaces for intelligent information retrieval (including
multimedia information retrieval)
* User studies focusing on end-user needs and information seeking
behavior of end-users (document triage)
* Semantic (Web) services implementing the OAIS standard
* Logical theories for digital archives
* Theoretical and practical archiving frameworks using Semantic (Web)
* Semantic or logical provenance models for digital archives or
digital libraries
* Knowledge evolution
* Information integration/semantic ingest (e.g. from digital libraries)
* Trust for ingest & data security/integrity check for long-term
storage of archival records
* Semantic extensions of emulation/virtualization methodologies for
digital archives
* Semantic long-term storage and hardware organization tailored for
digital archives
* Migration strategies based on Semantic (Web) technologies


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished research papers
related to the aforementioned topics. We invite:

* regular papers (8 to 12 pages)
* short papers (2 to 6 pages)

All submissions are required to be in PDF format. Long and short paper
submissions must be formatted according to Springerís LNCS format

Please submit your manuscript using the EasyChair online submission system: