Good afternoon, everyone.

I am slated to give a talk in July at the SLA Annual Conference in Chicago on the topic of Linked Open Data (LOD). The purpose of my email is to solicit from you what concepts you think would be important to cover in the talk. Generally speaking, I am focusing on the practical implementation of a dataset in LOD.

A lot of what I find on the web and see in presentation seem to be much in the line of "What is linked data?" or "Here's a brief example of how linked data works" or "This is why linked data is so awesome!"  I find fewer (or perhaps they are simply more obscure) examples of how exactly to create a full-fledged dataset either from scratch or from an existing database that has previously been locked up in a silo.

So my question is, if you were a member of the audience at such a talk, what specific things would you like to see covered?

I already have some general ideas in my mind. They include:

Here's some things that I am considering:
 * A history of our own experience with respect to our data
 * Conversion to linked data from existing data sets
 * Selection of Ontologies / Vocabularies
 * Strategy and challenges for linking out to others
 * Storage considerations (triplestores, rdbms, etc)
 * Content Management Systems / RDFa / Drupal

Any input would be greatly appreciated. And if you're planning on being at SLA, come over and say Hi!


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