H2O Project Manager/Technical Lead Position Harvard Law School The Berkman
Center for Internet & Society

Duties & Responsibilities

A joint project of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and the Harvard
Law School library, H2O is an online platform for textbook development and
distribution, currently in a pilot stage.

H2O is currently seeking a full-time Project Manager who will play a leading
role in shepherding H2O into its next phase, which will focus on: developing
new materials and incorporating additional features, in order to expand the
platform beyond its law school roots, and opening up the possibility for wide
use and diverse application at Harvard and beyond. This could be an exciting
opportunity for a law graduate who wishes to conduct research and contribute
to curriculum development before going on to another opportunity, such as a
clerkship or fellowship.

The Project Manager will be housed at the HLS Library and work in close
collaboration with lead members of the Library Innovation Lab team; he/she
will also work closely with the Berkman Center and current H2O teams.

Primary responsibilities will include:

Developing New Materials and Supporting New Courses The Project Manager will
be responsible for overseeing a team of summer interns who will be tasked with
developing these materials and liaising with library staff for the collection
of cases and other materials. He/she will also be the primary interface with
new professors and work with them to develop their materials, syllabi, etc.

Developing and Implementing new technical features.

The Project Manager will work closely with the team and web developers and
designers to identify priority areas for development. In addition, he/she will
continue to guide our efforts to ensure that H2O software is broadly
accessible; continued development and innovation in this arena is a key

In addition to overseeing and guiding these priority efforts, the Project
Manager will be generally responsible for performing various research and
coordination activities associated with the expansion and development of the
H2O platform. Primary substantive responsibilities will be to: (a) oversee the
development of new materials as described above, including interfacing with
faculty, coordinating an intern team and working closely with the existing H2O
team; (b) drive the development and implementation of Phase 2 technical
features and enhancements.

Additionally, the Project Manager will manage the strategic project planning
and implementation, including evangelizing the platform with a particular
focus on professors who are currently using it, and outreach to those who may
consider it in the future; driving fundraising efforts in support of the next
phase of the project; and working with the team to develop communications
around new developments, with the goal of spreading H2O's use across diverse
courses and disciplines around the University.

This is a term-limited position ending June 30, 2013; continuation contingent
upon project status and finding.

Basic Qualifications

Candidate must have experience in project management, including
leading/working across diverse teams.

Additional Qualifications

Advanced degree in law is strongly preferred. Experience doing technical,
substantive and organizational work for non-governmental or academic
organizations strongly preferred, in addition to experience in managing and
guiding participating researchers or collaborators. Technical experience and
facility also a plus, in addition to curriculum creation experience.

Candidate must pay great attention to detail and be highly organized. Ability
to work under tight deadlines a must. Excellent writing, editing and
proofreading skills required. Candidate would thrive in dynamic,
entrepreneurial, self-motivated environment. Must be a team player, able to
work alone and in teams.

Additional Information

About the Berkman Center for Internet & Society:

The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is a research
program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer
its development. Founded in 1997, through a generous gift from Jack N. and
Lillian R. Berkman, the Center is home to an ever-growing community of
faculty, fellows, staff, and affiliates working on projects that span the
broad range of intersections between cyberspace, technology, and society. More
information can be found at

About the Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory at Harvard Law School

The Harvard Library Innovation Laboratory implements in software ideas about
how libraries can be ever more valuable. The Lab works in three broad areas:
thinking in public, building software that demonstrates how libraries can
bring yet more value to scholars and researchers, and amplifying our effect by
eagerly partnering with other groups with similar passions. More information
can be found at

About H2O

H2O is a Web-based platform for creating, editing, organizing, consuming, and
sharing course materials. H2O is based on the open source model, a method of
writing software that relies on the strength and skills of a community, rather
than a single person, to develop a product. Instead of locking down materials
in formalized casebooks, we believe that course books should be a€oefreea€
(as in free speech) for everyone to access and build upon. Using H2O,
professors can freely pull together materials for a course by selecting cases,
editing those cases to the sections that are most relevant, and grouping them
into readings. Once the materials are assembled, they can be copied in part or
in whole by other interested faculty and then edited further. H2O has been
successfully piloted in Professor Jonathan Zittraina€™s 1L Torts class, and
will be rolling out further over the coming year. More information can be
found at

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