Good work - looks promising.  Some use-cases that I can think of are:

 - Integration with client-side notification system e.g., pull overdue or resource availability events
 - Sync online social network profiles with library systems to find people with common interests based on book selection

>>> Jakob Voss <[log in to unmask]> 5/28/2012 04:04 AM >>> 

In the last month we worked on specification of a patron account API
(PAIA) because existing (or more: non-existing) APIs such as NCIP and
SLNP don't fit our needs (most of all: simplicity, strict definitions,
and decoupling of authorization and access). The API is based on DLF-ILS
recommendations, VuFind ILS drivers, and OAuth among other input. I'd
hereby like to share the current draft for comments:

How to contribute:
* Implement a server and/or client of the PAIA specification for your
ILS and/or discovery interface
* Fork and modify the specification at github
* Comment on the specification and report bugs:
* Think about useful apps and mashups that make use of PAIA

The API should be made available to end-users and to third parties. A
mapping to RDF should be possible, similar to DAIA, but the first goal
is to provide an easy and defined access for automatically accessing
patron accounts. How would you make use of such an API?


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