Hi dear list,

Can anyone give me an example of harvesting PubMed publications from a specific institution to DSpace? Could you help me to configure the harvesting setting under "Collection-Harvesting-Content Source" in DSpace:

Content source: This collection harvests its content from an external source.

OAI Provider:______________________?? (PubMed)

OAI Set id:     Specific sets_____________?? (for a specific institution)

Metadata Format: Simple Dublin Core

                                     [or] DSpace Intermediate Metadata

Content being harvested: Harvest metadata and bitstreams (requires ORE support)

By the way, we've been downloading xml data directly from the PubMed website and transform it to DCXML using some local VBscript. Then we export the DCXML file to Excel, transform Excel to SIP packages using BloomaMohan's program. We add several additional fields to the data set and do quite some editing in the Excel file. I have been wondering whether the DSpace built-in harvesting will be a much better option.

Thank you for any idea or help!