Many thanks to Gail McMillan for being our scribe for last week's CWG meeting!

Minutes are posted here:,_2012_Meeting_Minutes

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Feel free to edit the page if we missed you as an attendee or if any other edits needed.

I am still waiting to find out our meeting time for the in-person July meeting. Will keep you posted once we have a new time.


Attendees (22)

 *   Baker, Timothy D. | Maryland State Archives | [log in to unmask]
 *   Coates, Midge | Auburn University | [log in to unmask]
 *   Daigle, Bradley | University of Virginia | [log in to unmask]
 *   Faundeen, John, Archivist | U.S. Geological Survey | [log in to unmask]
 *   Gish, Jason | Testronic Labs | [log in to unmask]
 *   Grotke, Abbie | Web Archiving Team Lead, Library of Congress, and Co-Chair of the NDSA Content Working Group | [log in to unmask] | 202-707-2833 | @agrotke
 *   Hanna, Kristine | Internet Archive | [log in to unmask]
 *   Harrison, Anne | Federal Library & Information Center Committee (FLICC) | [log in to unmask]
 *   Hartman, Cathy | Associate Dean of Libraries, University of North Texas/ Co-Chair of the NDSA Content Working Group | [log in to unmask]
 *   Howard, Rachel | Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Louisville | [log in to unmask]
 *   Maes, Margaret | Legal Information Preservation Alliance | [log in to unmask]
 *   Martin, Kevin | Hagley Museum and Library | [log in to unmask]
 *   McAninch, Glen | Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives | [log in to unmask]
 *   McGlone, Jonathan | University of Michigan Library | [log in to unmask]
 *   McMillan, Gail | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | [log in to unmask] [NOTETAKER]
 *   Moffatt, Christie | National Library of Medicine | [log in to unmask]
 *   Rossum, Deborah |Digital Content Manager| SCOLA |712-566-2202| [log in to unmask]
 *   Seneca, Tracy | California Digital Library | [log in to unmask]
 *   Stierholz, Katrina |Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis | [log in to unmask]
 *   Stoller, Michael | New York University | [log in to unmask]
 *   Voss, John | We Are What We Do, USA/History Pin | [log in to unmask]
 *   Wurl, Joel | National Endowment for the Humanities | [log in to unmask]

Update on the work with Standards WG for the Levels of Preservation (Abbie)

Trevor Owens ([log in to unmask]) is leading the effort to organize cross-working group team. There is a new work plan based on the registry team's original work. See this page for more information: and the working draft:

Comments are welcome. The plan is to have something to present, pick apart, and revise at the partners meeting.

Reports from the Content Teams

Government Content Team, Glen McAninch reported: Focused on actions; goals and other aspects already drafted. Now to the nitty gritty. Not how to preserve but making works preservation ready without a lot of effort on part of creators. Looked at NARA best practices, John Faundeen's appraisal document will be evaluated.


 *   Consider effort toward appraisal: particularly what kind of data needs to be preserved.
 *   Determine what kind of permanent data is best in electronic format for future use.
 *   Develop the case for records creator's best practices.
 *   Establish best practice for preserving electronic records including replication, integrity checking and migration/format management.

Geospatial Team, John Faundeen reported: Draft mission statement will be finalized by the end of the month. At their last meeting they determined the most important activities to work on and prioritize these. They recognized that there is duplication with other groups, e.g., appraisal. But this is not necessarily bad; groups can have over lap and learn from each other. At their May meeting they agreed that on of the benefits of joining this group was sharing, e.g., GeoMap. How can this be leveraged? At their next meeting there will be a presentation first and then discussion of what was presented and other group business. Presentation topic: Appraisal Practices. Speakers will be from NARA, LoC, GeoMap, USGS, and others.

Comments: Would this presentation be open to other members? Yes. Information will be posted to Content WG list if possible.

News, Media, and Journalism Team, Kristine Hanna reported. They have met a few times and defined content areas. From 8-9 types of content whittled down to 4, include examples and presented to the Content WG.

 *   Current newspapers-digital and web sites. Challenges include: What size newspapers? How would this be defined?
 *   News feeds
 *   Citizen Journalism, Blogs, and Community news-define. Hyper-local news. Define-by the community itself? Many examples.
 *   Broadcast news-needs someone with better understanding. Should this include radio?

The group is focusing on getting more examples-anybody can add to wiki or send to Kristine.

Science, Mathematics, Technology and Medicine, Christie Moffatt reported. They have been brainstorming scope and type of content through email; testing communication within the group. Content: scientists', engineers', doctors' blogs, e.g., Scientific American, PLoS. Discussion forums for SMTM. _________ e.g., Galaxy Sue-collaborations with scientists. Also science organizations and new types of publications e.g., journal articles with links to comments. How to organize thoughts around these types of publications? Public record of knowledge-standard pubs but also behind the scenes processes that scientists and innovators do their work. Like we see in manuscript collections. (3) Public understanding of science and communication of it. Have some examples on the wiki. Will meet to discuss next steps.

Social Sciences: Katrina Stierholz reported. Not much since last Content WG call. Had an initial conversation.

Cultural Heritage: Deb Rossum reported. Got a late start. Working on Google Docs but will transferred to the wiki. Had several meetings. Was history content team initially but changed to cultural heritage focus. First few meetings working draft of mission. Defined 1 paragraph. Target audience, scope of activity. Provide tools and resources to assist stewardship of CH. Defined CH as legacy of physical ... and intangible... of a group or social group, which are interested from the past...present...future generations. Now working on case studies: SCOLA project outgrowth of Native American Tribes interested in digitizing their language and oral traditions and stories for a digital archive. Resources would be provided. They are drafting this now.

Arts and Humanities: Jonathan McGlone reported. Hasn't met yet. Will meet later this month. Others are welcome to join this team. Get in touch with J. especially if interested in digital humanities.

Revisions to the scope of work statement for our Content Work Group (Cathy and Abbie)

Big Picture Group: Cathy Hartman reported. Looking at content WG scope adopted 2 years ago. Content Registry has largely been completed. Now focusing on Content teams. Should we drop matching orphan collections with partners? Should at risk content be linked to Centers of Excellence? But wanted larger group to suggest how should this Scope be revised. Is the registry over, are we moving into levels of preservation, or keep registry alive? But it doesn't have a leader. Not a strong interest. Maybe revise scope to focus on working groups? General agreement. We've been unclear as to what the end piece would be and how to deploy it. How does it relate to other NDIIPP lists is also a question. Therefore, BPG will revise and distribute before July NDSA meeting. Add designating Centers of Excellence for various content types.

Planning for our Content Work Group meeting in July at the NDIIPP/NDSA meeting (everyone)

What would be better to discuss face to face than on a conference call? Do content teams have drafts of use cases to share? Cultural Heritage and News may have these in time.

Hour meeting? Probably, Wed. afternoon [time TBD]. These (below) will fill our hour/agenda:

Joel: Curious about intersection of Content WG and Digital Public Library of America initiative. A year ago the sense was, where is DPLA going? Still developing, but is there a Content WG member involved in it to inform us? Or, bring someone from DPLA to our meeting. There has to be overlap. Would be good to solidify a dialog? Rachel Frick is involved, and will be asked to share info with CWG.

Scope of Work revision

2-3 use cases

Poster at NDSA partners meeting? It could focus on use cases, but may not ready by then. We could use one example use case. And, describe other groups.

Registration for meeting should be out soon, but venue is still in question. Program has been posted.

Next call

Since we will meet in late July at the NDSA meeting, do we want our next all CWG call scheduled for August or for September? Every two months is our call schedule, so we'll conference call on Sept. 5th next.

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