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Subject: [NDSA-STANDARDS] Agenda for 6/18 NDSA Standards WebEx

Hello all. On Monday, June 18th we'll have our next NDSA Standards meeting from 1:00 - 2:00 EDT. WebEx connection information follows my signature in this email. The meeting will be pretty action-packed! Below is the agenda:

*         Conference summaries - if you've attended a conference/symposium/whatever here's your chance to fill us in about it!

*         Matt Schultz will talk about his "applying OAIS to distributed digital preservation" work and the meeting he's planning at the July NDIIPP partners' meeting.

*         Andrea and Jimi will talk about the progress of the preservation staffing survey. Andrea, Meg and I have put together a poster proposal for iPres 2012 in October (most recent draft attached). We'll take a look at it.

*         We need to put together the text for the email that accompany the survey. Andrea will have a draft that we can look at in the meeting and finalize. This will be the "working" part of this working meeting.

*         Jimi and Andrea will discuss the timeline for distributing the survey and for putting together the iPres poster.

*         Update - if needed - about the Wikipedia "Digital Preservation" work.

*         As always, if anyone wants to propose a project feel free!

As always I'll be asking for someone to be notetaker so be ready to be called upon for that! If we have any new members we'll take a little time at the beginning to let them introduce themselves. I'm looking forward to the meeting!



Jimi Jones
Digital Audiovisual Formats Specialist
Office of Strategic Initiatives
Library of Congress

(202) 707-2846
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